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Tiffany Stone is the hypothetical fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Diego Blue Calcite.


Tiffany Stone has a very bulky and large body type with a mostly purple color scheme. Their skin is dull purple, and they have an unknown amount of eyes, no nose, and plump lips. Their hair is shaped like a star and is very light purple colored. They have one pair of very large arms on their shoulders and a pair of skinny ones on their waist. Their gemstones are on their navel and in the palms of their lower left and right hands and are purple.

Pre-regeneration (Debut)

They wore a dull purple visor with a matching dull purple bodysuit with many light and dark purple accents.

Post-regeneration (Current)

They now wear a light and dark purple visor with a dull lavender, purple, and black crop top. On their lower pair of arms are light and dark gloves, and they also wear matching pants and boots.